GCS Fodder

Small Scale Farming <3,500 sqm

GrowGroup IFS provides the GCS solution for small scale farming from 75 up to 3,500 sqm for year round cultivation in all climates.

GCS Fodder

With our own Grow Container System “GCS Fodder” we can support you with producing fresh animal food.


The ideal solution for year-round produces of fresh fodder locally in all climates all over the world.


In October 2021 we have upgraded our fodder containers with the newest technologies and made them available in several capacities from 100 kg up to 1,500 kg per day per container.


This solution has an entry-level price of only € 5,500 per container, which produces 100 kg fresh fodder per day already.


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information: www.growgroupifs.com/gcsf

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