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Vertical Farming World Congress

September 22, 2021 GrowGroup IFS was one of the keynote speakers at the Vertical Farming World Congress.

The topic was "GreenFactory Emirates to showcase potential". A presentation is given from small scale (container solutions) to large scale (turnkey solutions, including the largest indoor farm of the world). 

Also the GrowGroup IFS 5 step approach for turnkey projects is presented.

A link to the presentation can be requested by investors and farmers who are interested in stepping into the new world of cultivation via email address

Impression GFIA 2018

GrowGroup was pressent at the Holland pavilion with an island stand .

Tasting the product samples was highly appreciated by our visitors.

A lot of interest in local production, CO2 reduction and 95% water saving.

In addition 100% pesticide-free production, cleaner than organic, and locally produced saves 24 to 48 hours of transport.

GrowGroup IFS focuses on sustainability

Sustainability of our fruit and vegetable sector transcends our national borders. Many trading companies already have their own farms all over the world. This is often from... Read the full article

North China

We are working with a local partner for a feasibility study for a vertical farm in China against the Russian border. Our concept works in extreme weather conditions of -40 up to +50 degrees.

VertiVertical Farming alone is not sufficientcal Farming alone is not sufficient

Vertical farming is remarkable - a very beautiful technique to which we, from the Netherlands, have made a significant contribution. But if the land is cheap, Vertical Farming alone will not be sufficient. Read the full article

GreenFactory Al Ain

GrowGroup is examining a production site on the Al Ain truckroad. Phase 1 consists of 6,900 m2 cultivation area vertical farming and must be operational in 2018.

Interview FreshPlaza

"Gulf states growing market for high value fruit and vegetables". Read the full article

Press release GrowGroup - Hoogendoorn

GrowGroup IFS and Hoogendoorn Growth Management has signed a partnership to connect nature and technology with IIVO together.

With this partnership all GrowGroup IFS clients can be supported in the most optimal way, in order to realize the most profitable indoor farms.


See the press release

Dutch television interview CEO

Interview from Dutch channel RTV Rijnmond about the GreenFactory Emirates project.

A development of the largest indoor farm with rainMKRS.

This broadcast is subtitled in English in YouTube



Presentation partnership rainMKRS

During the webinar rainMKRS' chairman, Mohamed Salem Al Dhaheri, presented the joint venture with GrowGroup IFS.
This includes the construction of GreenFactory Emirates - The largest indoor farm in the world to be developed in Abu Dhabi.

A big step in food security in the UAE.


See the press release

Middle East is an ideal market

for vertical farming

"We may soon bring along a pot of orange paint", jokes John Breedveld of project developer GrowGroup IFS about the vertical farm that will soon be erected in the desert near Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates. It is expected that from May 2019, vegetables and herbs for the local market will grow in vertically stacked layers.

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Water saving

This short video gives an impression of how to save 95% water and produce pesticides free.

Saudi Agriculture 2017

During the Saudi Agriculture on the Holland Pavilion contract signed with local party for the construction of a Green Factory. We have chosen a variant of the Vertical Farm which fits better with local conditions. The choice was made on the business plan previously prepared by us.

Press release Grow Container Systems 40HQ

GrowGroup IFS introduces the GrowGroup Grow Container Systems “GCS 40HQ” for small container cluster farms, research & development, schools & universities and pilots for new indoor farms. With this new solution now GrowGroup IFS can support also small farms on an accessible way with their unique and full approach including support with the operation through their partners GaaS Wageningen and Hoogendoorn Growth Management.

See the press release

SteelGuru Business News

Movie 2.41 minutes

The Independent media STEELGURU

posted this movie about GreenFactory.

They have described the full concept.

Indoor farming in the Middle East

in acceleration

In the run up to the GFIA in Abu Dhabi in February, John Breedveld, CEO of GrowGroup IFS talks about the developments in vertical farming in the Middle East.

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Press release

2018, January 30th

In Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates, Dutch fruit and vegetable trader Levarht will set up a sustainable green factory for the production of lettuce, baby leaves and herbs.

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GFIA 2018

Meet GrowGroup IFS

at the

GFIA Global forum for innovations in agriculture

from 5 - 6 February 2018.

You can find us on booth D40


Currently Alfalfa is not cultivated sustainably. We are currently working with a number of Dutch partners for solutions for animal feed production. Focus is good nutrients and water saving.